Frequently asked Real Estate Questions

  1. What type of loans can I get?
  2. What does Escrow do?
  3. What does the Title Company do?
  4. Is it smart to have a Home Inspection company inspect the home?
  5. Do I get a copy of the appraisal from the lender?
  6. What happens to my deposit if something goes wrong in the prior to closing escrow period?
  7. What happens if something goes wrong with the house after we close escrow?
  8. Can Bear Creek Realty help us with out loan?
  9. Can we go back and see the property during the Escrow period with friends?
  10. What does the Murrieta area have to offer?

1. Bear Creek Mortgage offers all of the normal and special financing plans on the market. We offer 95%, 90%, 80% plans with and without PMI, impounds, and no points. We can do it all. Give us a call for a special assessment of your financing needs.

2. Escrow is a neutral company that gathers all of the paperwork in order to close and record the property correctly in your name.

3. The title company insures you that the property you are buying or selling is free of liens, easements, judgments and other items that are not yours.

4. Yes, we highly recommend to you that a thorough inspection be done regardless of the properties age. They can uncover a lot of problems up front that are easy for everyone to fix prior to closing.

5. Yes you may request a copy of the appraisal from the lender if you pay for it. There are a few lenders that pay for the appraisal but won’t give you a copy. It is good to know how that comes in.

6. As long as you meet all of the normal reply time periods you are entitled to your deposit back. Escrow & other companies may be entitled to any fees for services rendered with your approval.

7. This is something that happens all to often and can be avoided with the right inspections. It is absolutely necessary to have the property professionally inspected to discover these unforeseen problems. It is to the buyers’ advantage to discover any problems before closing.

8. Yes, we have mortgage professionals that can pre-qualify you and provide you with financing plans prior to purchasing.

9. Yes, we can arrange for you to see the property prior to closing to show family and friends, along with the normal inspections that your are entitled to be there.

10. The Murrieta area is the most family oriented community in Riverside County. We have beautiful, highly accredited schools for your kids, we have all of the sports and recreation facilities, and we are a reasonable distance to San Diego, LA, and Orange County for all of the finer restaurants and beach activities. And, best of all we have sunshine, clean air, and year around fun.